FIG Domestic Abuse Campaign

30th October 2018

FIG Domestic Abuse Campaign

“The people of the Falkland Islands know what’s right and reiterate that there is no place for domestic violence and abuse in our community. We are committed to raising awareness of the impacts and effects of domestic violence and abuse on all involved.”


As with most small communities, domestic abuse reporting in the Falkland Islands is disadvantaged by supposed stigma and concerns about anonymity. But a small community can be an advantage, providing strong support networks for victims and their families.

This week the Certain Curtain Theatre Company will be staging productions for all front line services and members of the public, to raise awareness in all parts of the community.

All members of the public are invited to a production by the Certain Curtain Theatre Company at the Town Hall on Wednesday 31 October at 7pm.


“FIG is committed to ensuring that agencies and front-line staff have the tools necessary to tackle the impacts of domestic violence and abuse and will ensure that victims have the support to re-build their lives.”

Members of the RFIP joined colleagues from other FIG departments last week for in depth Domestic Abuse Awareness training, delivered by Alastair Sherlock of the Domestic Violence Intervention Project, part of the Richmond Fellowship.

This training will continue, provided by the RFIP, and form part of existing safeguarding provisions within the Falkland Islands.