Independent inspection highlights RFIP improvements

2nd October 2019

Last week the Executive Council received the results of an independent inspection into the management and operations of the Royal Falkland Islands Police. This inspection was undertaken by two specialist consultants, both of whom have extensive experience as senior police officers working in the UK. It focused on several key areas including: crime prevention and investigation, leadership, working practices, staff wellbeing, crime recording and custody records, assessment of victim support, safeguarding and community policing.

The inspectors noted that the force has taken a wide range of measures to build a police service of which the community can be proud and that significant progress has been made in implementing the RFIP improvement plan which was instigated in 2017.

Key findings of the report include:
• Individual police officers and police staff members at all levels are extremely enthusiastic about their work and simply want to do a good job for the public
• RFIP is striving to improve engagement with the community and to instil a sense of confidence that when a matter is reported it will be investigated swiftly and fairly
• Data management of the investigations log and recorded crime reports is excellent and much progress has been made in the ethical reporting and classification of crime
• Joint working with other partners and the community to solve problems and provide a preventative approach to crime is well-established and demonstrating clear results

MLA Roger Spink, Chair of the Legislative Assembly, said of the report: “It’s clear from this inspection that there are plenty of positive messages concerning the quality of service that RFIP provides to the community. The independent report provides oversight and monitors the progress made in the operation of the RFIP. We recognise that unique challenges exist here, but what has been demonstrated through this report is the willingness of the force to embrace these issues and to apply a pragmatic and professional approach to safeguarding the public and to developing the required capacity to operate an effective and responsive local police force.”

The report also outlined a series of eight recommendations for the RFIP to consider, such as improved information technology systems for recording 999 calls and incident reporting; these will be reviewed and, where appropriate, included in future strategic planning.