RFIP launches new CID function

29th June 2018



RFIP launches new CID function

On 1 July 2018, the Royal Falkland Islands Police will launch its new Criminal Investigation Department – more commonly referred to as ‘CID’. This department will be responsible for investigating crimes of a more serious nature which may require specialist skills. The CID will be based a RFIP headquarters, following a move to consolidate all members of the force under one roof. This change will also mean that special operations previously conducted by investigators under a separate arrangement will now also be brought in-house.

The CID will be staffed by a Detective Sergeant  and  four detective constables initially; reducing to two detective constables in two years’ time. They bring with them a wide range of knowledge and a wealth of experience in dealing with complex cases and supporting members of the community when they find themselves in the position of having to report incidences of serious and sensitive crime.

Chief of Police, Superintendent  Jeff McMahon, said: “I’m pleased we have this new permanent function to help safeguard the community more effectively. We deal with a wide range of enquiries and in cases where protracted investigations are required and evidence needs to be gathered, the CID can free up capacity of uniformed officers. By having CID embedded within RFIP, we will not only benefit from their specialist knowledge and expertise, but it will create more opportunity for community policing; allowing uniform officers to get out and about more frequently”.

“We are committed to providing a service that responds professionally and appropriately to the needs of the public, and the CID will help to ensure  we can effectively manage more difficult cases. We know how much the community values and appreciates living in a safe environment, and this enhancement to the police service will help us continue to protect and preserve that sense of safety.”