Public Satisfaction Survey Released

3rd August 2020

Report – Public Perceptions of Crime and Policing 2020

As part of its drive for continuous improvement, the Royal Falkland Islands Police launched a public perception survey in February this year. The FIG policy unit produced a report on the outcome of the survey. The last survey was carried out in 2012, despite this a decision was made to use that report for some limited comparisons to be made. That survey only covered Stanley residents, the 2020 survey reached out to everyone on the island , including residents at MPC. The methodology used in 2012 was also different, with the survey targeting 500 randomly selected participants. This time, the responses were fewer, however the results provide a useful insight to help shape the force’s direction over the coming years. The intention is to hold a survey every two years; with an independent inspection of the force also carried out every two year. Chief of Police Jeff McMahon said, ‘Accountability is important for the police. The survey and inspection regime along with regular public meetings is a great way for the police to be held to account and to further understand and respond to the needs of the community, be it here in Stanley, in Camp of at MPC. This survey told me we have further work to do to embed community policing in Stanley. Our investment of time at MPC paid dividend, with a pleasing number of respondent completing a questionnaire. The challenge of the next survey is to get more people to engage.’