Reserve Constables


Reserve Constables are part-time police officers who play a pivotal role within the Royal Falkland Islands Police. Becoming one gives you the chance to work alongside regular policing officers, bring skills and experiences from your day job and give something back to this community.

Based in Stanley and in Camp, Reserve Constables carry the same powers and responsibilities as regular police officers. They’re involved in all aspects of policing, enjoying a variety of roles.

Being a Reserve Constable is a great way to learn new skills and have memorable experiences. Reserve Constables are offered regular training, based on our probationer training course, alongside continuous professional development.

Your part-time service is voluntary and designed to fit in with your current commitments and lifestyle, so you will be able to choose how many shifts you work.

As a Reserve Constable, you’ll make a real difference whilst gaining unique experiences you simply can’t get anywhere else. If you have the spare time, we couldn’t think of a better way to spend it.

For more information about becoming a Reserve Constable, please contact APS David Rees on 28100 or