Advice on How To Keep Youngsters Safe Online

25th March 2020

We are offering advice to parents and carers on how they can help young people stay safe online.

With the current situation many children and young people are at home, they may well spend more time on tablets, phones and laptops than usual.

We want to help them stay safe and are encouraging adults to think about what youngsters may be accessing online.

The most effective ways to keep a child safe are to

1) show interest in their life
2) model responsible social media use yourself
3) keep talking to them about what is going on online and what they like to access
4) ensure you have your child’s passwords and PINs for devices and apps
5) listen if they seem down or concerned about anything they have seen or experienced online
6) report any serious concerns

You can check out an app before your child downloads it at

This allows you to see the risks and to get independent reviews from both parents and children.

The website gives information on how to set up parental controls as well as a guide on how to monitor apps.

If you want to report any concerns, call RFIP 28100 or visit the CEOP website