4th September 2019

From 01 September 2019 a more robust system for obtaining Falkland Islands driving licences has been introduced. This is to try and prevent drivers from being able to avoid endorsements and bans from driving by using more than one licence.

All persons holding a valid foreign driving licence can drive in the Falkland Islands for up to 12 months. Within this 12 month period you must exchange your licence to keep driving.  Your foreign licence will be returned to the issuing authority.

If you return to reside in the country where your original licence was issued, you can apply to the issuing authority for the return of your licence (by exchanging your FI licence).

To exchange your foreign licence for a Falkland Islands driving licence you need to apply in person at the Licensing Bureau, bringing with you:

  • Passport
  • Foreign driving licence
  • Confirmation from the issuing authority that your licence is valid, including details of any endorsements and vehicle entitlements (see DVLA website for UK driving licences). This confirmation must be in English or come with an official translation by an approved translator.